@Yesung110684: I wish you all to have a great weekend ^^ !! Shie shie ~

@yesung1106: Even small things make me happy ..

@shfly3424: The world’s one and only coat that I’ve made with Matthias ^^

예성: All in all, Today I suffered (worked hard) a great deal everyone ^^

@yesung1106: Shocking .. !! Body and soul of ice !!

@Yesung110684: The weather is a bit cold! Everyone be careful about catching a cold ..^^

@shfly3424: Our house’s Dark Knight

@shfly3424: Even when I’m lonely or sad I do not cry ^^

@Yesung110684: If I was a girl …?

@shfly3424: It’s just too much.. ^^

@yesung110684: Finally ..^^ zoom zoom ~

@yesung1106: They should pay more attention … I have put up with enough

@shfly3424/예성/@Yesung110684/@yesung1106: Things have changed from when I recorded this song until now (.) To those at my side, those who I am thankful for and love, those who were hurt by love, let’s listen to this song together..

@shfly3424: Ryeonggu thank you for not forgetting ^^ RT @ryeong9: Greedy Yesung hyung ㅋㅋㅋ His voice can do everything !!! I like it ㅠ 

@Yesung110684: D-day1.. ^^ Today with my brother~~!

@shfly3424: My face is crazily swelling … ㅠㅠ

@yesung1106: With my dongsaengs ..^^

@shfly3424: Long time no see .. ^^