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行きたいよ 君のところへ 今すぐ かけだして 行きたいよ まっ暗で何も 見えない 怖くても大丈夫 数えきれない星空が 今もずっと ここにあるんだよ
"I look forward the day we meet again."

140929 new twitter dp ♥

@shfly3424: Without me it’s half a concert .. it’ll still be really cool right? Kill all!!* Super Show 6 hwaiting^^ Why did I tear up while writing this ㅋ

*”다죽여” is what SJ says before a concert, nd it is sometimes translated as “everyone is dead” too.

@shfly3424: Hangawi (Chuseok) .. May it be full of happiness .. ^^

@yesung1106: Have a happy Chuseok .. #추석 #Yesung

140818 dp changes ^..^~

@yesung1106: A movie with my brother after a long time ..^^ #Jongjin

@shfly3424: Extreme heat advisory …. be careful of the heat ….

@yesung1106: 슈퍼주니어 .. #super junior

@shfly3424: Red Velvet Seulgi & Yesung(.) Congrats on debuting ^^

@yesung1106: Red Velvet little child Seulgi & Yesung #Redvelvet #superjunior

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