@Yesung110684: I wish you all to have a great weekend ^^ !! Shie shie ~

@yesung1106: Even small things make me happy ..

@shfly3424: The world’s one and only coat that I’ve made with Matthias ^^

내 욕심이 많았다

S.M. THE BALLAD (예성) : 僕のせいだよ (Blind)

예성: All in all, Today I suffered (worked hard) a great deal everyone ^^

@yesung1106: Shocking .. !! Body and soul of ice !!

@Yesung110684: The weather is a bit cold! Everyone be careful about catching a cold ..^^

new profile pic ~

@Yesung110684: Thank you for always supporting me while I am away ..

@yesung1106: Goodnight ^^ Yo ..