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[MBC Come To Play] When Yesung & Teuk went to Apgujeong with car, on their way they had to meet drunkards and they started kicking the car, teuk didnt know what to do, yeye couldnt tolerate it and went out from the car. he was confronting them and they grabbed his collar. After yeye told the story, hyuk was imitating him and gave laughter to everyone

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Super Junior 2013 calendar messages:

  • Leeteuk:Let's wait till July 29,2014 looking at this calendar.
  • Yesung:In 2013 too!! to be able to achieve everything that we want to do~ know, right?ㅎㅎ
  • Kangin:2013 be only filled with happiness together with SJ!
  • Shindong:Together with SJ in 2013 as well~
  • Sungmin:This year, with me, filled with happiness~
  • Eunhyuk:Be rich this year~may mother and daughter also~ (rich in Korean:부자 also Father and Son in Korean:부자 - he made wordplay)
  • Siwon:Always be healthy and happy, honey~
  • Donghae:Together with Donghae in 2013 too!! Let's go together ELF♥SJ
  • Ryeowook:Year 2013♥ be filled with 'fighting' like SJ!!! I love you~
  • Kyuhyun:A bright 2013 to everyone!! Fighting in everything!
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