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行きたいよ 君のところへ 今すぐ かけだして 行きたいよ まっ暗で何も 見えない 怖くても大丈夫 数えきれない星空が 今もずっと ここにあるんだよ
"I look forward the day we meet again."

140927 Incheon Sky Festival

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140927 Incheon Sky Festival: Super Junior

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@kimheenim: It’s a bit like that if it hasn’t been 24 hours yet and I came back again suddenly just like Heechul.. Where do you guys put up the photos? Why can’t I join? This kind of charmingly good concert should have many photos. This is a photo where one side of my suspenders came loose.. He turned down the lights of the room and approached the girl who is lying down with the moonlight in her eyes, and started to loosen one side of his suspenders. Slowly.. Really slowly.. He is walking slowly. One step.. Two steps.. I miss Yesungie. Yesung who has a sorrowful voice. Yesung who has the voice I like. Magical castle where I can fly up freely into the sky without feeling surprised. But really where are my photos put up on? #Graypaper #Maddog #FanSite #Exactlylikeheechul [x]

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cr: me

@Yesung110684: SJ ^^ Delicious meal ^^

@yesung1106: Three people .. I’m also #SuperJunior ^^


@: 희철 신동 .. 저뒤에은혁 ^^ 겨울길을 걷다..

@: Heechul Shindong .. Eunhyuk is behind ^^ Walking down the winter street.. 

Life Lesson (4) from Fridays with Heechul: Do not let your liferuiner ruin your life.

did u get sth down your shirt aw

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