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行きたいよ 君のところへ 今すぐ かけだして 行きたいよ まっ暗で何も 見えない 怖くても大丈夫 数えきれない星空が 今もずっと ここにあるんだよ
"I look forward the day we meet again."

to. E.L.F. 

Hi ELF ^^

Somehow it seems like I’m unable to show a great smile from my heart when I see you all.. I probably can’t greet you properly
(So) I left a letter like this~
Thank you for giving such huge love and unforgettable memories to the imperfect me ^^
The period of 2 years..
I will miss you all and want to see you all~
I will think of the stage and really want to sing right? But..
5-year trainee period and 8 years of doing (Super Junior) together..
If you compare to these times, believe that (2 years) will pass by quickly..!!
I will become healthier and more handsome, and let you listen to better songs ^^ Promise!
Take good~ care of Super Junior ^^
Please don’t forget (me)~ Alright?!
E.L.F. I love you ~ ♡

May 5th, 2013
Super Junior Yesung (c)

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