Super Junior to sing for ELF with special track, ‘From U’

Super Junior will be singing for their fans, ELF, with a special track dedicated to them on their upcoming 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘.

The song, titled ‘From U‘, is reported to be a medium tempo, R&B track that describes the relationship between a star and their fans.

ELF are in for a special treat as the group will be performing this song in addition to their title track “Sexy, Free & Single” on stage!

As announced previously, the new album is slated for online release on July 1st, followed by the offline release on the 4th. The group will then hold their first comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ on July 5th. (cr.)

Posted on 6月 26, 2012
Tagged: #super junior #6jib #/SCREAMS

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