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行きたいよ 君のところへ 今すぐ かけだして 行きたいよ まっ暗で何も 見えない 怖くても大丈夫 数えきれない星空が 今もずっと ここにあるんだよ
"I look forward the day we meet again."


"I dont get along with other girls because girls are so bitchy"



140929 | Sukira - Love advice

The listener is younger than him so Eunhyuk said "I will talk informally then~ ㅋㅋ" 
Staffs said he can’t do that

Eunhyuk: I cannot?
Listener: It’s okay! I like it more
Eunhyuk: The staffs said since this is a broadcast, I have to speak formally ㅋㅋ
Listener: Fans will date, so oppas go date too. You guys have to get married too…
Eunhyuk: Really? I can get married? What kind of girl do you think I should date?
Listener: Someone like me? ㅋㅋ just kidding. Someone who cares about you, etc etc and I hope you date a normal person (non-celebrity)
Eunhyuk: Ah don’t date a celebrity?


@ryeong9: begin again

Hello :)

hello you :3

it just hit me you like sehun, i never made the connection from your twitter name lmao

how is college doing?

it’s doing ok except for the being consistently broke and dealing with idiots every day part

i like all but one of my classes and been getting my work done

thanks for asking : )

Yeah I also feel like Lizzy from AS is like that too. She's always been tiny but for this last OC comeback her legs look like sticks. I'm like how does she jump around on those? Orange Caramel altogether just need a good break though.

agree!!! i was surprised how skinny lizzy and raina look tbh because they dont seem to lose a lot of weight from their faces but both of them have really thin legs s:

should rest and eat what they want without dieting tbh

Yeah that's what I mean, because they're legs look skinnier in photos I tend to see and I was like hmmm...but your photos actually look what I thought their leg looked liked. And yes Tiffany has lost so much weight.

nah sistar is v fit especially hyorin ( :

tiffany looks very frail i usually dc but this weight loss is just!!! not good i have some pix where she’s dancing and it looks like her legs are bone n one swinging muscle just looks odd

140927 Incheon Sky Festival: SJ

cr: me

140927 Incheon Sky Festival

cr: me

Sistar's legs look actually normal like they use to in your photos. Have other people always been Photoshopping them lately? Or what?

what do you mean?? like shopping them skinnier?? 

sistar’s legs look pm what they look like in the picture they are mostly muscular, w/ dasom’s being the least but even so she’s still got more meat than let’s say tiffany who is too fucking skinny lol

140927 Incheon Sky Festival: Ailee

cr: me

140927 Incheon Sky Festival: Sistar

cr: me

you guys should talk to me more

i wont bite u

cr: ryeonggu; Splash page update.

do not edit.

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